Professional Photography

LilliRaff is passionate about photography.

We work with professional photographers from all around the world to ensure that every canvas print is treated with the care, attention to detail, and respect that it deserves.

We understand the time, effort, skill, and patience that goes into getting that perfect shot, and we apply that same dedication to transforming that photograph into a stunning canvas print.

You can rely on us to professionally hand-stretch and finish your canvas print, using only the finest materials in the trade, to ensure you receive the very best quality canvas print your work deserves.

Reputation is everything in the photography printing trade and our reputation has been built on unsurpassed service for canvas printing for professional clients throughout the world. Our customers come back to us time and time again in the knowledge that they can rely on LilliRaff for both quality and service. We also recognise that you are placing your trust in us to represent your reputation when we send out canvasses to your customers. This is a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Wedding Photography on Canvas

There is no bigger day than your wedding day.

The memories of your wedding will last a lifetime, so why not transform those images into beautiful canvas prints. LilliRaff offers an original and unique service for your wedding photography canvas prints. As well as a traditional printing service of the highest quality, our post production studio can also tailor your canvas prints to your own taste. Choose from vivid colour, black and white, sepia, pop art, collage, wedding vows and many other options.

We can also produce bespoke items to your specification usually at no extra cost, just get in touch with us to let us know how we can make your memories special to you.

School Photography Canvases

Treasured memories for all parents.

We work with photographers all over the country who specialise in school portrait photography. A canvas print of the annual school photograph is the modern choice for parents and relatives to hang on their wall. Our white label service can manage the whole process for school photographers meaning you can sit back and enjoy the commission earned from your referral while we take care of the printing, packing, and distribution for you.

And Everything Else.

A little bit of everthing.


Have your original work reproduced on canvas. When professional artist Craig works with us he creates an original work and has us reproduce it on canvas for him in various sizes. He then hand finishes each canvas with unique detailing as well as signing and numbering them. This means that not only does he make multiple sales from one original piece, but he can produce products to suit a range of different customer needs and budgets.

Interior designers:

When the interior designers we work with need their vision for client’s homes or offices made real they talk to us and we make it happen.

Aerial photography:

Our A.P. partners provide aerial shots of homes and businesses. Through their partnership with us they are able to add another product to their range.

Photography enthusiasts:

You don’t have to be a full time professional to capture the perfect moment on film and when you have why not display it on a medium that shows off that perfection to everyone who sees it? We work with a number of photography enthusiasts to produce their favourite photos in the size and quality they want.